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Recent Updates:

Air pollution: Manali neighbour Ennore now gasps for breath
Chennai, 12 April 2016: An analysis of the samples drawn from residential areas divulged a presence of heavy metals exceeding permissible levels, including manganese, lead, arsenic and nickel, which poses the risk of chronic respiratory as well as neurological diseases. Read more...

Ennore air worse in PM 2.5 than New Delhi
Chennai, 12 April 2016: A survey conducted by Coastal Resource Centre along with members of the local community at Ennore creek has produced alarming results about the air quality in the suburb. Read more...

Airpocalypse in Chennai
CHENNAI, 12 April 2016: Chennaiites may not care that New Delhi is the world’s most polluted city (WHO), but knowing a suburb in the city is not too far behind can give anyone pause. Read more...

Ennore residents breathing in toxins, shows study
Chennai, 12 April 2016: The residents of six villages in Ennore are breathing air that has more toxins than the permitted level, as prescribed by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, a sample study has found. Read more...

Ennore Air More Toxic Than Manali Industrial Hub's Air
Chennai, 11 April 2016: Ennore air quality is far worse than the air quality in Manali, an petrochemical industrial area that was notified as a critically polluted area. Read press release...

Dalit Man Ends Life, PWA Leaders Smell Foul Play
CUDDALORE, 29 March, 2016:: People of Nochikadu and leaders of People Welfare Alliance (PWA) staged a protest on Monday alleging that a Dalit youth committed suicide because of police pressure. Read more...

Ennore fishermen up ante against corporates
Chennai, 27 March, 2016: Fisherfolk at Ennore have reached their wits end after repeated demands to government to check encroachment and pollution caused by big corporates in the area have gone unheard. Read more...

Fisherfolk Hold Public Hearing On Continuing Encroachment and Pollution of Ennore Creek
Chennai:, 26 March, 2016: Frustrated by the inaction by government agencies to check the continued encroachment and pollution of the Ennore Creek, fisherfolk from six villages dependent on the creek today held a public hearing headed by Madras High Court Justice (Retd) D. Hari Paranthaman to highlight the ecological, hydrological, health and livelihood ramifications of the creek's degradation. Read press release...

Villagers in Cuddalore 'abused' and jailed for protesting pollution, but TN govt remains silent
Cuddalore, March 2, 2016: Failure by the senior officers of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) to take timely action against pollution in SIPCOT Cuddalore has led to a volatile situation pitching the police against local residents in the normally calm Semmankuppam village. Read more...

Nagarjuna Oil Refinery looking for investors to take over Cuddalore project
Chennai, February 5, 2016: Singapore-based Netoil has earlier started confirmatory due diligence to acquire the project for Rs 3,600 crore. Read more...

Getting positive forces closer to save water
Puducherry, February 3, 2016: School children will now get to know the environment and identify heritage sites in their region. Read more...

Fish farmers in deep waters
CHENNAI, January 6, 2016: Several fish farmers in Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram and Cuddalore districts have incurred heavy losses as the recent floods washed away the fish reared by them in ponds. Read more...

Sand Dumping at Ennore Creek Riles Locals
CHENNAI, 3 January, 2016:The battle between the Ennore Port and environmental activists, supported by villagers from surrounding hamlets, in Ennore, Tamil Nadu, intensified recently after a group of 200 villagers descended with their boats on two dumping sites, bringing work to a halt. As many as 70 boats and 200 fishermen from hamlets Mugathuvaarkuppam and Kattukuppam came to the sites along the banks of the Kosasthalaiyar river around 10 am, demanding that the workers stop all work. Read more...

Ennore fishermen protest 'destruction of mangroves'
CHENNAI, 31 December, 2015: Fishermen in Ennore took to the streets on Wednesday protesting against the destruction of mangroves in the Athipattu area by a contactor engaged by Kamraj Port Limited (KPL). Read more...

More Updates

Poison in the air

in Cuddalore
The Hindu
04 June, 2005

Poisonous gases released into the air by some chemical units in the SIPCOT industrial estate in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, continue to endanger the lives and livelihoods of people in a number of villages in the absence of government action.

At the SIPCOT industrial estate in Cuddalore. Gases released by chemical units have severely affected the air quality in the area.

VILLAGES in the industrial area on the outskirts of Cuddalore town in Tamil Nadu are increasingly being identified more by pungent smells than their names - smells of rotten cabbage, burnt rubber, rotten egg, neem, detergent, human excreta, decomposing bodies, mosquito coils, rotting bones, decaying chikoo fruit, and nail polish. The smells come from toxic chemical compounds that are manufactured or released as effluents by the 18 companies in the industrial area and which have been damaging the environment and the health of more than 20,000 people in about 20 villages. Read more...

What is Community Environmental Monitoring?
Besides training villagers in the science of pollution, the Community Environmental Monitoring initiative seeks to involve villagers in the fight against pollution by engaging them in environmental and health monitoring, and sustainable livelihood activities.

CEM is as much about the community as it is about the environment. CEM sees political empowerment and the right to make informed decisions about development as key to success in the struggle against environmental casteism and discrimination. While local self-help is an emphasis, CEM's philosophy also hinges on holding corporations and polluters accountable. More About Us..