Oxygen Leak at Sterlite; Major Mishap Averted

THOOTHUKUDI, 10 October, 2011: -- A power failure in the sulphuric acid plant at Sterlite's copper smelter in Thoothukudi led to the release of a cloud of oxygen gas sending workers into a panic. The entire plant was shut down between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., according to a worker at the plant. The leak is said to have happened afternoon. Sterlite's copper smelter was shut down by the Madras High Court for violating environmental laws. However, it approached the Supreme Court, and has been granted injunctive relief. Sterlite's appeal is pending in court. In the meantime, they are allowed to operate. A complaint has been made to the Inspector of Factories, Thoothukudi.