Second Gas Leak Plant in 6 months at Chemplast Plant I

Mettur, 13 March 2009: A leak of chlorine and antimony gas from Chemplast Sanmar Plant 1 at 3.30 a.m on 11 March has been reported by local sources. There are no reports of any damage caused outside the factory premises, as there were no villagers at the main road owing to the time of the leak. The District officials of the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board claimed to be unaware of the incident

This is the second incident of a gas leak from Chemplast Sanmar Plant 1 in the last 6 months. On 28 September 2008, there was a massive gas leak of HCFC 22 (Hydrogenated Chloroflouro Carbon 22) from Chemplast Plant I which resulted in four people being hospitalised.

Another occurrence of a leak at the bleach liquor unit within Chemplast Sanmar Plant 3 was reported on 11 March 2008.

Later the same day, on 11 March, a tanker allegedly from Chemplast Sanmar Plant 1 was caught by farmers in the village while discharging acidic effluents into a water body in Mettur. The case is being investigated by the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board.

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