Team Enters Chemplast to Inspect Drinking Water Source Points

Mettur, 13th September 2012: A delegation of officials from the Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, Salem, from the District Collector's office and from the RDO's office, have visited Chemplast Plant III premises, along with the Chairman of Gonur Panchayat office and the President of the Nangavalli Panchayat Union. As earlier promised by the Collector in a peace-making effort between the company and villagers of Mettur, the team has been appointed to survey all drinking water lines maintained by Chemplast Sanmar. Water pipes issuing forth from the various units of the company supply water to the surrounding villages, on the basis of an agreement to compensate for intense pollution of groundwater. The team is expected to gauge the amount of water that leaves the units, the amount that is available at the receiving end and whether water is equitably distributed through the network of pipes and taps even to the farthest village. Villagers have for long been complaining about the inadequacy of the water network laid by the company, particularly in areas which lie outside the radius of high volume of flow. The team is yet to inspect the water lines emerging from other plant sites and to identify interrupted flow paths.