Accident in Sterlite plant at Thoothukudi; one worker dead another critically injured

14 November 2011, Thoothkudi: 45 year old Pandian, a contract worker at Sterlite’s Copper smelter in Thoothkudi, lost his life today after he was sucked into a duct line leading to a chimney of the phosphoric acid plant. He was sent into the duct even as the suction devices were on contrary to safe operating procedures. Another staff worker was critically injured as he tried to save Pandian’s life and was also sucked in the process. Pandian was a resident of a locality named 3 mile and was a contract worker under Chennai based contractor Promo Tech.

The factory, which was shut down by the Madras High Court due to violation of environmental law is currently functioning on a basis of relief granted by the Supreme Court of India.