Police Investigates Chemplast Pollution Complaints

Mettur, 16 December, 2011: A Sub-inspector from the State Criminal Investigation Department today visited the surroundings of Chemplast Sanmar to investigate pollution complaints received from local residents. "We have been getting repeated complaints from residents about effluent discharges from Chemplast during rains and at night," said Mr. Rajamanickam of the CID branch covering Mettur and Kolathur.

Gonur West Agriculturalists Development Union had registered several complaints with the Karumalaikoodal police station prompting the enquiry. Complaints had referred to the discharge and stagnation of polluted water in Karunkaradu, on the Koonandiyur Road, and in Saralaikaadu. The police visited only one site -- Karunkaradu -- and said the other sites will be looked into subsequently.