Rains Expose Chemplast Lies About Zero Discharge

19 August, 2011. Mettur -- Contaminated effluents are being discharged by Chemplast factories onto people's lands and into public canals, according to farmers and the Gonur West Agriculturists Development Union. Farmers in Saralaikaadu area report that the moderate to heavy rains earlier this week has resulted in the discharge of contaminated water from Chemplast's Plant III, which is located upgradient of the fields. The farmers complained that the effluents have flooded a freshly planted field of millets. From past experience, they are certain that the fresh sprouts will wither within a week causing a total loss of crop. The Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board has failed to take any corrective action despite repeated complaints.

In a separate incident, foul-smelling effluents were found flowing in a channel alongside Chemplast's Plant II. The canal leads to the River Cauvery. In June, 2011, a similar incident was reported to the TNPCB. Samples taken by Community Environmental Monitoring were found to contain high levels of chloroform, mercury, ethylene dichloride and methylene chloride. A sample taken by the TNPCB was tested only for simple parameters. However, even these parameters indicated anthropogenic pollution. COD, Total Dissolved Solids and Chloride levels were excessively high. However, the TNPCB has in its report stated that all is fine, and that the company is truly a zero discharge unit.