Chemplast Worker Dies Days After Occupational Injury

METTUR, 19 DECEMBER, 2011: On 13 December 2011 around 3.30 P.M., Shanmugam, s/o Ramasamy, TMB Nagar, near Samballi, aged 56 died on his way to the hospital from Chemplast Sanmar Plant II. He was declared dead on arrival due to heart attack by the hospital doctor. Shanmugam who has worked in the factory as welder for 20 years. He sustained burn injuries on his hands, buttocks and thighs when caustic lye fell on him as he was welding a leaking joint in a tank containing lye. The incident happened on 8 December, 2011. On subsequent days, the burn injury worsened, and Shanmugam complained of intense pain. Despite this he continued working the following days at the factory, even while complaining of a burning sensation in the stomach after the incident. On 12 December, 2011, he took half day sick leave. He went to work on 13 December 2011. After lunch, he complained of severe stomach cramps and said he could barely stand. He fainted after drinking some water. His brother, Nagaraj who also works at the factory, said he was given first aid, after which he was rushed to Manipal General Hospital, Salem, in the company's ambulance. He was declared "dead on arrival" at the hospital. The company has agreed to pay Rs.25000 as condolence amount to the family when asked by Annamalai, his sisters husband which is due to be paid on Monday. His relatives said that they suspect that the death may have been triggered by the injury sustained in the factory. No post mortem was done on him. It is not known if the injury caused by the caustic lye may have had something to do with his demise.