Effluent Discharge at Greenpark Odai through an Illegal Pipeline

28 JULY, 2011 Greenpark, Mettur - Villagers in the Thangamapuripatnam area reported a discharge of stong medicine smelling effluents in the stream alongiside the residential area in Greenpark at around 6 a.m. today. Residents alleged that an old pipeline belonging to Chemplast Sanmar runs in the vicinity of the pipeline, and that this may have been the source for the effluents. Ganesan of the Mettur Padhukaappu Iyakkam complained to Mr. Pandian, Assistant Environmental Engineer (AEE), TNPCB at 10 a.m., who visited the area in the evening.

Residents surrounded the AEE and began questioning him about the inaction on pollution. The situation turned tense after the AEE threatened to call the police, to which the residents reacted angrily. Selvi, a resident of Greenpark, who first reported the incident complained of the discharge and the regularity of such incidents to the AEE. Selvi said, "Every time it rains even mildly, we get the smell of some chemicals. They (Chemplast Sanmar) discharge their effluents two or three times a month." She also complained of the coal dust and showed him her sample of the collected coal dust. The villagers said that the AEE visited two houses and noticed the coal dust deposits. The AEE told the villagers that the discharge may not be from Chemplast Sanmar as the company is following zero discharge policy. He also asked the villagers to collect sample from the odai if they smell any strong effluent in the future and hand it over to him. Regarding the coal yard, he said that the Board has pressurised the company to cover the coal yard but no action has been taken by the company. His inspection lasted for twenty minutes and no sample were taken by him.